leaning tower rope jumps

Observations from an outlier

leaning tower rope jumps


Lots of people have and will continue to talk about “Dano”. This guy was one of the climbers that really pushed what is possible. Not many climbers out there, living or past, that I admire more than Dan Osman. He lived fully, but died young. He left his daughter to grow up without her Dad… very sad. But who is to say what “too dangerous” and what can and can’t be done? Find me one dirt bag climber that doesn’t know Dano’s story — won’t find one. We know that gravity never forgives.

Even the great John Bachar died soloing this year, something no one in the climbing world would ever expect because of his reputation for being the best in the world at this.

Now here is the rub. It’s all a numbers game, just like at the casino. Do something with a zero margin for error long enough, and you are going to die. Can’t beat the house at gambling if you play long enough.. gravity is kinda the same. Hand holds break, gear can fail (just like Todd Skinner) . So just you this all down to personal choice and responsibility.

My point? Safety is an illusion. There is no shortage of ironic deaths were people died doing simple things after taking great risks all their lives. Generally, with great risk, we take great care and all is well. This kind of adventure just makes it very clear that you are playing with fire. Evey day we take great risks without truly knowing them, because we’d rather not know. Now jump off a cliff with only an 11mm rope to stop you from hitting the dirt… now that is about as “real” as things get. I’ve never done anything even close to this, but I know what is to feel totally alert, focused and trying to mange fear.. it is just another way to clear one’s head. The difference is how your food tastes after. How you notice things you didn’t before, and you’ll find out a thing or two about yourself too. It is really as simple as that, but always some will pontificate about “what it all means”. No one wants to “die doing what they love”, because there is lots of cool things to be doing, and not one of them is worth dying for. Be safe out there but one has to accept that there is many factors we can’t control. All we can do is reduce the risk to a point we are comfortable enough to enjoy the adventure. Trust me, accidents happen every day and don’t make the newspapers is all.