Observations from an outlier




climbing with ze belgians a crew from Belgium found the me via the “boosting” news stories and planned a trip to come climbing in squamish. they chanced the weather for mid October but we got lucky, very lucky. that’s what I remember most about any of our big climbs, constantly checking the forecast leading up to the event. It was looking like rain, so we had the climbing gym…


Discovery Channel news show we agreed to do after the Back to the Wall (on IMDB) documentary short was air on CBC and later on the Knowledge Network.


a java based framework for sensors Zephyr Open is an open source code project to provide a framework for BlueTooth Physiological Sensors. Heart rate and blood pressure Monitors, gps and Wii Remotes are supported. What kind of mash-ups can you envision? Games for rehab? Distributed games and Virtual coaching? **This project is available on github, but has been replaced by by my tracks (google). With the framework is a…


Safety is an illusion. This kind of adventure just makes it very clear that you are playing with fire. Evey day we take great risks without truly knowing them, because we’d rather not know. Now jump off a cliff with only an 11mm rope to stop you from hitting the dirt… now that is about as “real” as things get. I’ve never done anything even close to this, but…


Brad and Dave on the “Uncle Ben’s” route. This roof section was chosen as a testing grounds for larger climbs in California. We were “lucky” to some get strong wind on this day. Instead of suffering in hot sun all day, we froze instead… but could get good understanding of how the rig does in real weather. Was enough wind to make communication difficult and ropes frustrating to manage….


Now we are in a European Disability Sport Magazine. I’ll try to get a translation of the article in English.


This is the only footage I have pre-injury. It was taken on a Father’s day circa 1992 in Prince George buy my Dad. He belayed me off of a large tree and put a VHS camera on a tri pod. this crag no longer exists, it was blown up by the quarry company long ago and is/in probably someone’s driveway now.